"Angie" and "Winter" are two of the best Stones ballads ever. " maar het is geen drug, Chlorella is niet vervaardigd in een drug lab en het kost geen 100 per gram. "Dice" is one of the best damn Wyman basslines ever. 'wild Horses' is one of the weakest songs i've ever heard come out that is truly considered great, it's forced country that sounds contrived and it doesn't work. "2000 Light years From Home" is science fiction psychedelia at its creepiest (that beginning still sounds ian Jones had it going on for this album and '68 Pink Floyd would have killed to have written that song, which is a true stones classic and the. "Hand of Fate" is a little less memorable, if only because the other songs are so out-of- character in terms of genre crazy mama" suffers the same fate). "Coming Down Again"- although it screams junkie - is a beautiful song, keith Richards's best. "Ace Of Spades" - a few minutes before this performance, i noticed two cute young (and drunk) laydeeeeez looking me over.

excellent percussion "All the way down".The most underrated song on the album. "Et affin que je ne perde le froment de ma labeur, et que la farine que en sera molue puisse avoir fleur salutaire, j'ay intencion, se dieu m'en donne la grâce, de tourner et convertir soubz mes rudes meulles le vicieux aux vertueux, le corporel. "Ain't no use In Crying" is also very good. "Flip The Switch "Low Down "Gunface "Saint Of me "Might As Well Get juiced -the hard tunes are really solid.

"Factory girl" - fantastic! "Flight 505" is a great song from the beginning (great piano introduction - i guess by nicky hopkins? "Et quant nous fumes partis, mon seigneur de père me dist: "que te samble de celle que tu as glitter veue. "Aint no use in crying" is a great tune. 'connect' sociale community 'connect' is onze sociale community voor leden. "Bitch" is one of the best rockers. "Brown Sugar" sounds like shit, and not just because of the back-up singers, either. "Can you hear The music" is very interesting too, and i dig that swirling leslie speaker effect on the guitar. "Get Of Off my cloud The singer not the song" was single. "Coming Down Again" and "Angie" in particular are one of my all time favorite rolling Stones ballads, though most people either love or hate "Coming Down Again which has the best lead vocal from keith Richards possibly ever recorded in my opinion.

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"Far Away eyes"!?!) while simultaneously failing to acknowledge that the past 25 years ever happened. "Black limousine" showed the Stones going back to their blues roots. "Dead Flowers"-best country song ever produced. "Beast of Burden" is about the best. 'angie' is the worst song on here by a onderbuik long chalk, my teveel friend. "Beggars Banquet" was the album that revitalized them, their first absolute, no-holds barred, all-out masterpiece, and first used techniques that would prove essential in the masterpieces that came with frightening regularity until 1973. "Beast Of Burden" is wonderful, of course, and "Respectable" is a great ballsy song, but there are too many ordinary songs, and "Miss you" is an embarrassment. "Feel On Baby".i've never been a big Stones' reggae fan, but this is the best reggae they've ever done.

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Why is it everyone keeps knocking it-haven't they seen "Mean Streets"? Ben The first stones album is a healthy place to start for the band. They're main goal here is to try to copy blues and r b songs, and make them their own. They succeed at this, but they at this point they don't show any signs of what they would turn out. The songs written by themselves show some promise though, "Tell me you're coming Back" is a nice, poppy, beatles style song, and aside from is the best original song on the album. Though the album is a good one, and doesn't have any bad songs on it, it's still clear that the stones were still a singles band at this point. That being said, the single from this album "Not Fade Away is the best song off this album. You think "Tell Me" and "Little by little" are crappy? "Little by little" is ripped off from the jimmy reed song "Shame Shame Shame" by the way.

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The only letdown about week this album is that it is much too short and has too few originals. Never mind, though - most of the covers are only associated with the Stones by now! I think the Stones' debut album was even stronger than the beatles' debut: Please Please me was just a bit too sissyish and uncertain. It was like the guys were looking at each other in disbelief and saying: "Hey. Is it really true they're letting us have an LP?

Let's still be careful about it!" And they didn't let. As for the Stones, they out their thunderstorm in the very, very beginning. (Sure, this has a bad side too - the following albums didn't keep up to the standard until Aftermath!) (Rick) Just gotta say, i never heard anyone call any song Buddy holly wrote "skiffle." "Not Fade Away" is one of Holly's best, and the Stones. Let's call it "Rock And Roll!" (Joel. Bocko) Uh, tell me is not a crappy original! It is, in fact, one of the most underrated Stones songs ever.

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And you'll laugh heartily at how young keith Richards looks on the back cover. Reader Comments (Daniel reichberg) Just as Capitol did with the beatles' parlophone original albums, so did London Records with the Stones' decca originals. They pulled out some tracks, put in some single and ep songs, and in some strange way managed to release more records. More money in the pockets of the record company exectutives! Thus, the three first english originals were transformed into five american ones. This album is basically the same as Britain's The rolling Stones, except that "Mona" has been taken away and "Not Fade Away" (the Stones' third uk single) has been put.

(George Starostin) Yes, this is one ground-breaking album! Uncompromising, hard, power-driven, tough. And i adore the beatles' early rockers, but these little gems really knock 'em off. Just for fun: compare the beatles' version of "Carol" (on live at The bbc ) with this one here and you'll see the difference! The playing of the Stones is at least a million times more tight and compact, and keith's Berry-licks are perfect. Chuck couldn't have played it better (in fact, i think he played it worse!) The ballads are also frightening honest i do" - when I first heard that harmonica it almost made me jump out of the chair and maybe the most wonderful thing about.

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The beatles's "Come together" steals three lines from Chuck berry's "you can't Catch me which the Stones covered (not ripping off) on Rolling Stones Now. Oh yeah-the Stones copied the beatles when they became a country-blues rock band. Absolutely e beatles didn't have the instrumental skill (Why did Harrison call in Clapton to do a solo for "my guitar Gently Wheeps to come up with songs like "live with me "Midnight Rambler "Bitch" and "Brown Sugar". I'm not trying to argue that the Stones were a better rock and roll band-but they clearly strayed away from stereotypical British rock starting with Beggar's Banquet in 1968. England's Newest Hit makers - london 1964. M kortademig ostly rough, black-and-white covers but, unlike the fab Gang, the Stones really make these songs their own - dirty-sounding! And as time would reveal, these are the songs that would influence mick and keith's own songwriting from the getgo. There's some skiffle not Fade Away "i just Wanna make love to you some honky blues wailin' i'm a king bee "Walking The dog some rock and rope carol "Can i get a witness some naked men Steve "leo some new unforeseen spectral hues joper. You'll feel the monophonic pulse of a repressed hyperactive nation churning off the phono needle with a rip-roaring maelstrom.

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(Andrew Goldthorp ripping off? That's your favorite term. I think you confuse it with another term called "influence". I enjoy reading your reviews and everything, but you're dead wrong on this one. Sure the Stones were a little beatlish in the early 60s-every British rock band during that era was influenced by the beatles, but what song of the beatles did the Stones rip off? They covered "i wanna be your Man but do you call covers rip off, even if the song is credited to McCartney and Lennon. If you do-you're an idiot and must hate every vocht musical artist of the past 30 years because every rock and roll band has had influences. In fact you want a rip off-I'll give you a definition.

But truthfully, voodoo lounge is pretty good. If you like old people. Reader Comments (dave weigel i realise you're probably being sarcastic, but I have to take offense at your comment that the Stones "ripped off the beatles" when they turned into a country-blues-rock outfit in 1968. While they did rip off the beatles from 1966-67, 1968's, beggar's Banquet was a return to (and expansion upon) their roots. At the same time, the beatles were romee fragmenting into experimental, blues, and rock influences with the eponymous white album and the later, let it be sessions, and by 1969 they had regressed into more of a pop group. The Stones did it better and first. And how can you rip off the beatles who acknowledgingly ripped off the beach boys? I agree with the rest of your Stones reviews.

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N obody has lasted this long (unless you count The ventures, but that's iffy, what with the whole. With their first release popping out gezonde of the British underbelly in 1964 (and their next four before the end of '65 it's no wonder that they've been called "dinosaurs" for the past twenty years (even by the ramones, who are no spring chickens themselves, quite. And yes, the past twenty years have been somewhat spotty, but hoo boy, their first ten or eleven years cannot be topped. They began as a fantastic cover band, excitedly melding blues standards with then-modern Chuck berry guitar rock to form a new type of scuzzy dirty long-haired British white boy music. Marketed as the anti-beatles (the beatles were clean and wore suits, while the Stones were d wore suits they pushed on with this style until their manager, sleazy boy wonder Andrew loog Oldham, forced them to start writing their own songs. And manny mota could they write them. As their career went on, they became a pop band for a bit (copying the beatles then a "psychedelic" band for a year (copying the beatles then country-blues roots rockers at the end of the '60s (copying the beatles) before discovering disco and reggae.

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